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Osteoporosis is a serious public health problem which can lead to significant morbidity and mortality. It is essential to diagnose and treat this condition to prevent fragility fractures as they can cause severe disability and changes in the body. Several clinical studies have revealed that the supplementation with calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and zinc are associated with significant improvement in bone mass and also were reported to significantly reduce the bone turnover. Thus, treatment with these supplements plays a vital role in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Furthermore, the supplementation of micronutrients plays a vital role in fulfilling the additional maternal requirements during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Several studies have also revealed that the calcium and vitamin D supplementation have shown beneficial effects in improving pregnancy outcomes. Thus supplementation with calcium plus vitamin D can offer significant benefits in pregnant and lactating women.


  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Sulfate
  • Vitamin D3


  • Calcium and vitamin D supplementation reduces rate of bone loss and also fracture rates in elderly male and female population.
  • Vitamin D is essential for promoting the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus and normal calcification of the skeleton.
  • Vitamin D regulates serum calcium concentration by altering serum calcium and phosphate blood levels as needed, and mobilizes calcium from bone.
  • In addition, supplementation with vitamin D had improved lower extremity muscle performance and reduced risk of falls in several high-quality double blind randomized control trials.
  • Magnesium is a constituent of bone, and supplementation has been shown to increase bone density in individuals with osteoporosis.
  • Appropriate nutrition combined with multivitamins and minerals such as calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and zinc plays a vital role in maintaining healthy pregnancy and lactation.


  • Two tablets per day

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