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Blue Pill, For Healthy Sexual Function

Blue Pill, natural and safe way to improve sexual function in Men. Blue Pill reduces stress, improves physical strength, enhances mood, improves sperm quality and also boost immune system


  • Eurycoma longifolia
  • Panax ginseng root extract
  • Cynomorium songaricum root extract
  • Liguisticum chuanxiong
  • Cordyceps sinensis
  • Schisandra chinensis fruit extract


  • One tablets daily after food for at least a period of 6 weeks


  • Eurycoma longifolia :- A natural testosterone booster which improves sexual desire and erectile response
  • Panax ginseng root extract: - Improves Erectile Dysfunction, reduces oxidative stress, prevents premature ejaculation and enhance sexual activity
  • Cynomorium songaricum root extract: - reveres the changes associated with erectile dysfunction
  • Liguisticum chuanxiong: - Effective natural agent for improving male infertility
  • Cordyceps sinensis: - Improves male sexual dysfunction, reduces fatigue and boost immune system
  • Schisandra chinensis fruit extract: - Antioxidant for management of male infertility, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

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