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Diosmectite is natural aluminomagnesium silicate clay with a lamellar, non-fibrous crystalline structure that gives it strong adsorbent properties. However, unlike other adsorbents, diosmectite is not absorbed in the intestine and can adsorb eight times its own weight of water, thereby diminishing free stool water. Diosmectite reduces inflammation, modifies mucus rheologic properties, inhibits mucolysis, and adsorbs bacteria, bacterial enterotoxins, viruses and other potentially diarrheogenic substances. Diosmectite strengthens the mucosal barrier, normalizes intestinal transit, decreases stool output and the duration of diarrhea. Biomecta is radiolucent and it does not stain the stools. Because of its very favorable safety profile, with no serious adverse effects, diosmectite is frequently used in European countries, Asia and Africa.

Recommended Daily Dosage:

  • Adults: An average of 3 sachets per day can be given (in case of acute diarrhea the daily dosage can be doubled at the beginning of the treatment). The contents of the sachet should be diluted in 50 mL or half glass of water.
  • Children
    • Less than 1 year: One sachet per day diluted in a feeding bottle with 50 mL water which can be administered throughout the day
    • 1-2 year: 1-2 sachets per day
    • Over 2 years: 2-3 sachets per day
  • Time of administration: After meals in esophagitis and between the meals in other indications

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